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Here’s My Crazy Ridiculous Dream – What’s Yours?

Here’s My Crazy Ridiculous Dream – What’s Yours?

Have you ever had a crazy ridiculous dream? So way out? So weird? On the one hand in your heart of hearts you believe it’s from God. On the other, it’s so … out there … that you’re afraid to tell anyone, in case they think you’re smoking dope.

Well – here’s mine. I’d love to hear yours …

I’d been a Christian for, ooh about … 6 months. I was already at Bible College, studying ministry. A huge turnaround from the tough, hard-nosed businessman I’d been. My personal life had pretty much fallen in a heap. It was a very ordinary Saturday arvo, and I’d been ironing when, well the best way I can describe it, is that it was like the Presence of God fell on me in the stairwell of my townhouse.

So I sat down on the top stair and the Lord showed me how for years while I (full of myself) had been prancing around stages speaking at large IT conferences around the world – He’d been getting me ready, training me, teaching me … to go out there and tell people about Jesus. To preach the Gospel. It was so humbling and compelling at the same time … I didn’t know how, or when (it would in fact be another 8 years till it started happening).

A year or two later, I was at a Joyce Meyer rally in the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Okay, Joyce isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – but the Lord spoke to me so powerfully through her in those early days as He was laying the foundations of my faith. (Thanks Joyce!)

I looked around – there were several thousand people in that auditorium – and me, being wired and called to preach the Gospel – thinks to myself: If only one day I could tell this many people about Jesus!

Crazy I know. I couldn’t tell anyone. I mean… what would they have thought?!

And just as I was having that thought – I heard a voice, it was quick, it was fleeting but what it said was totally unmistakable:

Berni … this is nothing! Just wait and see what I will do with you  …

Nah! Couldn’t be … get out of here!

And yet in my heart of hearts, I dreamed about telling stadiums full of people … millions of people about Jesus. Was I going nuts?

One thing led to another and I became involved in this tiny, almost defunct ministry called “Christianityworks”. A media ministry that had been going for just over 50 years in Australia whose “core business” it was to teach the Bible in the media – principally through radio programs.

Only … it was almost broke. It wasn’t producing any radio programs. And it was pretty much a case of last one out, turn out the lights!

It was at that point (thank you Jesus!) that I felt called to leave my safe, secure and very comfortable IT consulting job, to take over that ministry and start preaching the Gospel. But how? I didn’t know anything about radio and I certainly didn’t know any stations.

But a call from God is a call from God.

So crazy as I was back then … off I went. We spent the last few thousand dollars we had in the bank producing about 12 half hour Christianityworks radio messages (when I listen to them now, I want to crawl in a hole and die! Did I really sound like that?!).

On the 21st of February 2005 the first of those programs went to air on a handful of stations in Australia.

Today, we’re still producing radio Bible teaching programs, and they’re heard through over 1,000 radio outlets in 160 countries around the world, by a weekly audience somewhere in excess of 15 million people. And come Sunday the 3rd of June 2012, we’ll be going on air on a Government owned radio network across India, in a time slot that currently has 30 million listeners each week!

The most common question I get asked is … Berni how did all that happen? 

And my honest to God answer is … I really don’t know! Really!!

Sure we worked hard, our small team. But God … God has time and time and time again done the most amazing things.

Here’s a short video of a slightly more rotund Berni that we shot a few years back, sharing a bit more of that amazing journey.

So I’m here to tell you – don’t ever right off your crazy dreams. That strange Voice all those years ago at the Joyce Meyer rally, had it absolutely right!

It’s all about Him. We in the tiny Christianityworks team feel pretty much like bystanders. What a God we serve!!

Well, there you have it. That’s my crazy dream. It’s out there.

Now … what’s yours?!



  1. Hi Everyone, thanks for reading my post. I have a dream to get homeless people off the street and look after them and give them hope through the Word of God to be able to live the will of God. These people are the biggest testament to the glory of God working in there lives. I believe that God is leading me in the right direction through the progression of my career. I believe that the Lord has a purpose for my life. I trust in my Lord to lead my life. Thank you Lord for answering my dream and fulfilling your Word through me.

  2. Hi Berni and everyone reading this. May God keep you all in his love and peace as His treasured children.

    Yes I have a dream! I love windmills and I love baking and I love hospitality and good food. I want a BIG house where people with broken hearts come in are ministered to and are treated like royalty. In this house is a prayer room that is filled with things to do, make and enjoy that can help to express ourselves to God. I would love a working windminll where only the flour ground from there is used for my baking.
    I had a vision lately of me sitting at a dining table with Jesus and he shows me a big silver mixing bowl with a silver ladle in it and he hands me the ladle. I also dream to marry again to a man who shares the vision and is all out for God. ( I was widowed 2 years ago).

    Like Joseph, we may have a dream but first God has to humble us and we may find ourselves in a dark place yet just as Joseph served the prisoners in that dungeon so we too must continue to put God and others first till the day He lifts us out of our “Dungeon” and restores and promotes us. So KEEP DREAMING EVERYONE!


  3. Even though I was raised in a godly family, and have known the Lord since childhood, my life was turned around so much when introduced to a simple initiative where people read and meditate on God’s Word, share their insights and pray for one another, then to intercede for those outside of the Kingdom. In some African countries this approach has been used to see 1000’s brought into the kingdom.
    My introduction to this was over 30 years ago.
    Every time I have seen this approach taken here is Aust. the Lord has used it for salvation of souls and renewal of believers.

    A burden and passion that will not let me go is to see this initiative re-introduced into the Aussie church – and see the church mobilised in asking the Lord for souls to be saved, and the majority of believers mobilised in their respective roles. (rather than leaving it to trained specialists).

    I would value any help in initiative and appreciate relating with people with whom this resonates.

  4. Ok, for some reason My mind works in very distinct ways…, not sure why God made me this way…

    Berni, you’re asking what’s my dream…and one thing other than the dream comes to my head…

    You did not choose me, but I chose you. John 15:16

    And so heading back to my dream, I have the most unusual dream…

    I would like to get rid of all the divisions of the world that come under the Churches/Christianity…
    Catholic, Protestant, Eastern, Non-trinitarian. And major denominations such as Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, Baptist, Evangelist Methodist,Pentecostal, Jehovah’s Witness(if they can be called Christians).

    Unified them first then replace them all for…just one called…


    The way I see it, there is only 1 GOD, 1 Holy Bible and 1 Message that comes from it. And we’ve made of mockery of it.

    Let’s not forget that our God..


    We’re meant to Love HIM with all our heart and body and also fear HIM!

    • I have a dream to see people receive the healing from cancer that Jesus already paid the price for and to see the dying be cared for by people full of God’s love. I have been pursuing this dream for 5 years, and God has been very faithful. I am waiting to see who He sends me next to help me with the next part of my dream.

  5. Yep, I want Jesus to speak to people through my artwork. to s a blo..og…

  6. I can’t imagine how lifeless (as in – without full experience of life and it all it has to offer) our world would be if individuals like yourself hadn’t listened to the still, small voice of God and walked into their dream. Thank you. And thanks for joining our link-up. Appreciated more than you know. Cheers.

  7. I thought you said it was a crazy dream something abit out of the ordinary so crazy you think you where smoking dope. Billy Graham done this years ago. Don’t want to put you off your dream but the way you said it thought it might be a bit different crazy smoking dope!!! I’ve got crazy dreams like driving a ferrari and providing for my family after losing jobs and the plot after becoming a christian!!!

  8. Thank you Berni for your personal story. It’s wonderful to know that God uses “ordinary” people (like you & I) to do “extraordinary” things for His glory. And this helps me to see God as being the power behind that happening, He is the one who equips us to do those things.

  9. I loved your story! I love that God doesn’t need one to have a PHD to use them. I often think that I’m being useless for the cause of Christ but maybe God can use this “useless” me to do some good works for Him 🙂

  10. I LIKE THAT:
    The most common question I get asked is … Berni how did all that happen?
    And my honest to God answer is … I really don’t know! Really!!
    Sure we worked hard, our small team. But God … God has time and time and time again done the most amazing things.

    • These words are REALLY inspiring!!!

  11. A wonderful little video insight into the beginnings of the great misnstry you’re involved in now Berni. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Well, I’m not one for saying ‘God spoke to me’ but 3 years ago, just when I thought I’d reached the end of my ‘hope rope’ over a situation, He did. He spoke so clearly and so sweetly, that it cut straight through my anxiety and sadness. I hung on to His words for so, so long, even when the way ahead seemed totally bleak and as though it was headed nowhere. And then, without my even trying, the ‘dead tree’ started to grow fruit and I stood back and watched amazed, at what God was doing.

    It’s a little too complex to go into great detail – but I have learned that when God gives you a dream or speaks to you, He will see it through to completion. There will be dark times and dry spells and lots of times where you wonder if you even heard Him correctly, but hang in there.

    • I agree Charlotte – it’s a bit weird when people come up and tell you “God spoke to me and told me that …”.

      And yet sometimes He does, and it’s unmistakable. “My sheep will know my voice” said the Good Shepherd.

      Yep … although I’m still learning …

      Thanks for your encouraging word.

  13. In 2002 in Sydney I joined a team of women to build a house in Bidwell through Habitat for Humanity it was Australia’s FIRST all women build.  It was hard and I thought ….well …done that…… won’t do that again. 10 years later God placed me as a senior educational manager inside an 800 male prison. One day I heard God say……..why not build houses inside the prison by the inmates for families in need?..a definite win/win going on there!
    Guess what it is 10 times harder than HFH Women Build and many days I am dispirited and asking where will I get the money tomorrow to buy materials for the build? and even very basic things like todays task,  how do I find and pay for a porta loo on the building site?……But God believes in my dream and every few days he works a miracle through His precious vessels…..yes people like you and me and the project moves on towards my dream ….a home for a family …..repatriation for the prisoners… opportunity for a community to contribute
    DREAM ON ……..with God your dreams although not EASY can happen and you will experience blessings you actually never dreamt of.

    • If anyone can, Susan Cann right?! I know – you’ve probably heard that a million times before.

      What amazed me the most about what’s happening inside that prison is what the prison guards told me (for others, I had the great pleasure of speaking at the project launch dinner).

      They said that they were amazed how even the most hardened criminals were softened and changed by the opportunity to serve.

      So – not only are the needing being provided with decent, affordable housing, but those in prison are being trained and transformed.

      What a dream! On ya Susan!

  14. Many years ago (we were living in Dallas and I was quite involved with the NF Endurance team) I was watching a DVD with my husband, crystal clear I heard a male voice that said, “let me help you”. I asked my husband.. “who said that”, thinking it may have been on the movie..he said he hadn’t heard anything. I’ve watched the movie many times since, and there is no *let me help you*.
    I’m still waiting for more…. not sure what will happen next. The above web link maybe what I am supposed to do, it’s still early days.

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