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A Very Different Mothers’ Day


I spent this past Mothers’ Day just outside a township in Western Cape, South Africa. I was asked to speak at a church and give “a Mothers’ Day message”. All good, not a problem … until the pastor told me that there were three mothers in the congregation who’d lost their sons – killed in gang violence – since last Mothers’ Day.

How Friendly is Your Church?


I recently received a tragic email from a listener about his experience with several churches. Sadly, what he wrote is not an isolated occurrence. In my experience, it’s all too common. Here’s what he said …

A Guide to Disagreeing with Dignity


There are always going to be some things that we’re not going to be able to agree upon. Ever! And that makes the skill of disagreeing with dignity, a very important skill indeed. Otherwise it’d be bedlam. In fact, it already is!

Is “the News” Making You Sick?


The news ain’t what it used to be. In fact, it’s changed, irrevocably. And more and more, people are simply opting out, because they’re sick of it. So what’s going on and what, if anything, can you do to get high quality news these days …

A Video Message from Auschwitz


The Holocaust resulted in the deaths of over 6 million Jews and other minorities. I recently visited the German concentration camps at Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland. Here’s a short video that I recorded for you while I was there. 

A Revelation … on the Brink of Suicide


I had an interesting discussion the other day, with a man at my local cafe about what it means to be a Christian. His “Christian” perspective made me realise how much people are, en masse, missing out on, when it comes to Jesus and all that He came to bring us. 

3 Leadership Lessons from the “Failed” Census


The evening of Tuesday, the 9th of August 2016 was Australian Census night. For the first time, we took the census online and, as things turned out, it was an unmitigated disaster (if you believe the press, the politicians and social media).

The Importance of Setting Your Imagination Free


Let’s face it. You live a hectic life. Work, family, emails, SMS’, social media, television, Netflix … there’s more than enough attention-grabbing stuff out there to fill your day 24/7 and then some. So … when do you allow your imagination to roam free?

Brexit – A Disaster or an Opportunity?


With the unexpected outcome of the Brexit referendum reverberating around the globe, uncertainty seems to be reigning supreme – and not just in the United Kingdom and Europe. And the truth is that most people don’t cope well at all well with that.

Don’t Take Yourself too Seriously


Sometimes, I think we take ourselves way too seriously. And as things turn out, it’s a syndrome that’s ruining many a life today. So here are four simple tips for, well … lightening up on yourself just a little bit:

3 Ways to Deal with Political Correctness


Political correctness is driving many people crazy. Worse than that, it’s limiting our ability to speak freely about things that really matter. So, what does an effective Christian response to political correctness look like?