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The Importance of Setting Your Imagination Free

The Importance of Setting Your Imagination Free


Let’s face it. You live a hectic life. Work, family, emails, SMS’, social media, television, Netflix … there’s more than enough attention-grabbing stuff out there to fill your day 24/7 and then some. So … when do you allow your imagination to roam free? When do you turn your heart and your mind to things that inspire you? When do you get the creative juices flowing and dream big dreams?

Sadly, the answer for most people, is never.

I was interviewed recently on Radio Rhema in New Zealand, by broadcasting legend John Peachy. The man has a passion for letting people tell their stories.

After the interview, he and I were chatting in the studio about the stories behind the stories. He was telling me about a well-known personality who he’d interviewed recently. The man is a public figure with a law degree … but in his younger years, he’d studied philosophy.

Now the moment John started heading down the philosophy rabbit hole, apparently the man’s eyes lit up. He became animated and passionate. This was something that inspired him. This was something that he truly cared about.

And yet, somehow it lay forgotten in his heart … after all, being a politician is a hard grind. It takes every ounce of the man’s time and energy. And hey, being you, being me … that’s a hard grind too.

So hard, that the humdrum that fills 95% of our lives seems to have rusted on to us; immobilised us; made us slaves to the here and now, to the stuff that just has to get done. (Are you getting this?)

And that … that’s a recipe for disaster.

Because as your imagination goes into hibernation, the passion, the excitement, the awe, the wonder, the excitement of conjuring up something new out of  your God-given creative heart and mind … all  just drain out of you.

That’s why so many people live out their lives as empty shells.


A Startling Fact About God … and About You

Imagine that you know nothing else about God, except what you can read about Him in Genesis chapter 1.

If that were the case, and you were asked, based on the evidence in that one chapter, to come up with one adjective to describe God, then the one that would probably top the list, is … creative. 

God is an immensely creative God. And in that very same chapter, we’re told that we – you and I – are made in His image.

Which, unless He’s lying, means that you are an immensely creative person.

And just like that politician with a passion for philosophy, there are things in your DNA that cause you to light up, to be inspired, to get excited and passionate again. But if you’re like most people … that thing is hidden away up in the attic somewhere, in a dusty old box … long forgotten.


It’s Time to Set Your Imagination Free

So … maybe it’s time to disconnect, switch off, get alone or with some other creative people and dream crazy dreams. Dream about the things that you’re really passionate about.

I just had someone wander past my desk (I’m visiting with this radio network in Kiwi Land as I peck away here at the keyboard – just grabbed a desk in the open plan office) and without any prompting, this radio producer told me that his life is so operational.

Today’s program, tomorrow’s program … churn them out. See?! Even the creative guys have this problem. And this guy is particularly creative and talented. It’s not that he doesn’t love what he’s doing – he absolutely does. It’s just … that there’s no time to imagine new things (his words, not mine).

Come on … it’s time to set your imagination free. It’s time to give your imagination a license to roam over hill and dale; to go to crazy places it hasn’t been to before; to think up things so outrageous, so big, so out of the box, that unless God were in them, they’d have no chance of succeeding.

One of the great joys of my job, is that I get to give young, creative people the license to do that in our ministry.

TV producers, web developers, social media experts.

A case in point. A week before I published this blog, we had just completely redeveloped our ministry website –

And as all the creative types – the designers, developers, SM experts – sat around in that first meeting, I painted them a crazy, outrageous picture of what I had in my mind. But it was their job to apply their creativity to make it happen; to turn my crazy ideas into something amazing.

What they came up with was stunning. But on top of that, they all enjoyed themselves because here was a chance to let their imaginations run wild.

And that’s what creativity is … it’s setting your imagination free.

That’s what you were made to do … as God created you in his image.

So, what are you waiting for?



  1. Seriously inspiring comments, and I sense a lot of talent here, craving to be cracked open for that brilliant yolk! Berni, thank you for inspiring us. I am 29 and am undergoing great change, and realise now that it is only our relationship with God that will be the true way for our eternal benefit. Your words are comforting and inspirational and I thank you for sharing your positive words with us all. Cheers, Stephanie.

  2. Thanks for inspiring me to turn my dreams into reality. The catch 22 of being so connected to the world is it enables us to waste time as much as it enables us to save it n increase our network of friends and access to fresh creative ideas. Gods creation is always inspiring. We don’t thank God enough for the blessing of our senses. Perhaps its lack of gratitude thats killing our creativity. Sample conversation what you done for me lately Lord.? I woke you up this morning didn’t i 😂

  3. So many of us bury our talents. Sometimes difficult situations we’ve been through have caused us to just give up. I am a creative person and sadly I have buried my talents. Please pray that God will ignite the passion inside of me to go and dig up my buried talents and use it for His glory.

    • It happened to me, and the only way I am slowly working my way back up is putting it first and foremost in my priorities, as part of my routine. Its hard, some days creativity comes out fast, sometimes I get nothing (it’s a hit and miss), and I’m an aspiring instrumental musician, talent was rediscovered at 25 after the death of a loved one. I’m almost 30 and I feel I have lost it, (studying Science at University under great pressure, but with an open heart may have not been conducive to my cause). It can be exceptionally disheartening, but along with pray, meditation on the word, exercise and good eating, I am working (slowly) my way back and have trust in God that I will be able to exercise the talent for His Greater Glory. I wish you all the best, Sharon.

  4. I am 69 and have, after more than a year of writing, almost finished a book. In fact, I have finished it and am editing it for publication in the US, UK and Australia. It is a story of my spiritual journey and I am excited about the prospect of sharing that with others and igniting a fire in the hearts of people. My burning desire, inspired by God, is to build a refuge for young women considering abortion and to help each woman and her child to come to know how loving and compassionate is our God. God bless you, Berni – YOUR passion is amazing. Oh, the name of the book is Lionheart777, subtitled The Grander Design of 42.

  5. That blog really made me think thanks Berni

  6. So conscious everyday of what you say. My life feels like a slog at the moment: earn just enough to pay the bills, feed the family, diesel in van & car – I’m like a machine. We’ll have a family holiday in August that will allow me a bit of time to dream; I just pray that I can bring some of that free flowing thought back home and apply it! Thanks as always for your blogs and daily thoughts. In Him. Dave

    • David, one of my lecturers back in my Bible college days used to talk about the fact that 99% of life is mundane and sometimes, it doesn’t feel at all spiritual. He used to say that on those days, we needed to “plod for God”. – just one foot in front of the other. At the same time, grab a few minutes each day to spend a bit of unhurried time with Him. And your spirit will soar like an eagle! Be Blessed – Berni

      • Appreciate your response Berni – that’s the 3rd time in as many days that ‘an eagle’ has been spoken to me; knowing the way God speaks to me that’s my message to take forward. Thank you. Dave

  7. Thank you berni this is seasonal msg devil occupied our mind,time and so on. to disconnect us from God through social media we have to know his devices if our mind is occupied there is no creativity yes we have to set free our imagination.
    You are blessed

  8. What you say, Berni, is so true. We don’t allow ourselves the time to let our imaginations run riot like we used to do when we were very young kids. I am going to try and make the time to let myself dream/imagine. Thank you so much. You’re amazing!!

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