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This is Your Game Changer

This is Your Game Changer

If you’ve struggled with your weight all your life, if you’ve tried every diet under the sun, then this video … is for you.

Yep, that’s the old me, 25kgs heavier

For most of my life (50 out of my 60+ years) I struggled with my weight. Up and down like a yoyo. I starved myself, walked 20 kms a day, fought against my appetite, lost the weight … and then, ultimately, each time, I’d put it all back on again.

I hated looking at myself in the mirror or seeing myself in a photo (the one on this page is one of the very few I have of the Old Berni). Sound familiar?

Ultimately I gave up. I’d lost the battle. I was pre-diabetic … and heading down that slippery slope.

I know my story is not unique. Look around. There’s a bunch of us who are getting fatter and fatter … and it’s killing us. For those of you “skinny-minnies” out there, God bless you but we’re not like you. There’s something wrong. Seriously wrong.

But then I discovered the science … it was the carbohydrates that were driving my hunger (I always wanted to eat more) my insulin, my weight gain to the point of morbid obesity … and slowly killing me. Processed food is full of refined carbs, especially sugar which also happens to be incredibly addictive.

These days I eat like a king, I just don’t eat refined carbohydrates. I’m just not that hungry anymore because the change brought my appetite back under control.

I never feel deprived because I eat the way my grandparents used to – relatively low carb, but high fat (you know, back before everyone got fat). And yet I’m a heathy weight. My doctor’s over the moon with my blood works. I don’t count calories and don’t even need to weigh myself to maintain a constant weight.

And that’s all due to courageous scientists like Professor Tim Noakes, who had the guts to stand up against Big Food and Big Pharma, not to mentioned entrenched, outdated and downright harmful dietary and medical advice.

I had the good fortune to meet Tim in Cape Town South Africa and managed to get him into a TV studio to record this interview.

I won’t say anymore. If you’re like me, do yourself a favour, just watch the video. It’s a complete game changer.

The Best WEBSITE by Far

People often ask me:

How did you do it? What did you eat? Do you have any meal plans?

Hey, I’m not a doctor and I’m not a chef. But I ain’t stupid either.

The best  – THE BEST – website I’ve come across in this area is Much of the educational content and recipes are free. Or you can, as I’ve done, subscribe for a few dollars a month to get all the movies, recipes and videos. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made. Check it out!

A Free Booklet Download for you

A little while back, I wrote a short eBooklet – My Top 3 Secrets for Losing 25Kgs. It talks about many of the things I learned through Prof Noakes and others.

I’d love for you to have a copy.

Click Here to Download It >>

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