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Back from the Brink of Suicide

Back from the Brink of Suicide

I think that sometimes we’re prone to trivialising the Word of God. By that I mean, we don’t take it seriously enough.

We skim over it and yet somehow we fail to take it heart. We don’t really grasp that it’s meant for us, for our lives. We completely miss the fact that God’s Word is filled with the power  – His power – to radically transform our lives.

So … here’s a story to remind us of the awesome power of God’s Word.

In the week leading up to Easter, I received an email from a woman in Europe (let’s call her ‘Margaret’) who was literally at the point of taking her own life, when a Christianityworks radio progam started to go to air on her local radio station.

This is what she wrote to me (her name and some minor details have been changed to preserve her anonymity):

I feel compelled to email you and thank you for saving my life today.

I have suffered with poor health for nearly 16 years now. I’ve been struggling more again recently.

While I was listening to the radio, I was writing my farewell letters to my beloved husband and precious daughter, trying to explain how I was so sorry, and that I loved them so very much but I just could not find the strength to live another day.

I had it all planned, they are out for the day, I have the letters almost written and the pills ready. Then I hear your “A Different Perspective” program theme music and your voice saying “just hang in there”.

You then read the very chapter that I have clung to for so long, John 15, with my favourite verse … “you didn’t choose me but I  (Jesus) chose you”!!!

That was literally 50 minutes ago, and though the tears are still flowing and the pain is still very present and pressing, I have disposed of the letters and the pills and am going to cling to His nourishing vine of love and “hang in there” for another day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your wonderful words … and that different perspective.

I was utterly speechless when I finished reading her email. Isn’t God just … amazing?!

Anyone involved in the ministry of Christianityworks – whether as a staff member, as one of the team at UCB Europe who broadcast the message, or as a volunteer, a prayer warrior or supporter – can be blessed in the knowledge that they each had some part to play in Margaret’s incredible story.

But it’s the Lord who brought it all together such impeccable timing. It’s the Holy Spirit who spoke to Margaret through His Word and it was His power that pulled her back from the brink of suicide.

To Him be all the glory!

I followed up with her just a few days ago, and she shared with me the powerful healing and transformation going on in her life.

And the lesson for you and me?

That we should never, ever, ever under estimate the power of God’s Word to heal us (and others) of the deepest hurt; to turn our lives upside down; to give us a fresh start, a new life. (Believe you me, I know. Because as I shared recently I’ve been there too!)

So to each person who prays regularly with us and supports the work of Christianityworks – on behalf of ‘Margaret’ and the many more like her around the world whose lives are being transformed as we proclaim the Word of God day after day –  from the bottom of my heart, let me say … thank you.


  1. Thank you Bernie. This message of God’s love and power is not only for Margaret but for all those on ‘the brink of suicide’, for all those who think that they cannot make it through another day. I have been there, like Margaret, and every now and again I visit that place again, but God’s power and love through His Word always pulls me through. And I know that every time it happens I am becoming stronger and stronger. God Bless You

  2. dear bernie ihave recieved this message from my inbox. i do PRAISE THELORD AT THE BRINK OF SUICIDE THIS LADY HEARD YOU ON THE LOCALRADIO . it was at that point just as shewas goingtotake her own life as ihave already said in my mage she heard you AND GOD STEPPED IN > AND TO DAY SHE IS A TRUEL BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN Greg

  3. Great news Bernie! Thank you for sharing. I think we do sometimes underestimate the power of the Word of God. Keep up the good work.

    • Oops! Sorry for misspelling your name. :/

  4. Full of praise and thanks to our all loving, all powerful God, Who pulls up out of the pit of despair into a real living hope!

  5. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Amen.

  6. Wow! This is amazing! May the Lord extend your tent to touch more lives! To Him be the glory.

    • Amen to that!

  7. Let this rock your socks off!

    Here is “Margaret’s” response to this blog post. She just sent it to my by email:

    Hi Berni,

    I feel so blessed of your support and prayers.

    I really do feel entirely different since that day.

    I’m full of praise to our glorious Father for as you say, being pulled “back from the brink”.

    Depression is the most awful condition as I know you have experienced too, as the darkness, steals all sense of perspective and hope.

    I can never thank you enough for giving me that different perspective that day.

    I just want to encourage you to keep doing (what) … you do.

    Thank you again. In His love,

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