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Honest Answers #1 How Often Do You Read Your Bible?

Honest Answers #1 How Often Do You Read Your Bible?

Very soon I’ll be publishing some more posts about the wonderful intimacy with God available to each one of us. But before I do, I’m putting 3 QUICK-POLLS into the field in what I’ve called the Honest Answers Series.

The best way not to miss out on each one as it comes out is to subscribe to this blog- that way you’ll be automatically notified of the polls and the findings at the end. (Email subscription is just up to the right on this page).

The polling software doesn’t let me see individual responses – so please, give me your honest answer.

And please publicise this poll to all your friends – email, Facebook, Twitter, whatever – so that we can get as many responses as possible.

Thanks heaps!! There’ll be another one in the next couple of days … so watch this space.


  1. I listen sometimes to you on 103.2FM at 4am. I would love to hear your inspirational messages later in the morning. I am not often awake at 4am.

  2. Dear Berni,
    Please email me the address of the venue that you will be the principle speaker at 6PM on Feb. 26th, 2012. I heard this announcement on 106.5 FM, while driving, and don’t remember the details. I would very much like to attend. Thank you and God Bless.
    Linda Long

    • Hi Linda

      I will be speaking at LifePointe Baptist Church (formerly Maroochy Baps) 186 Wises Rd North Buderim both at the 9 am and 6.00pm services. hope to see you there. Blessings, Berni

  3. I along with many others, I don’t read my
    Bible as often as I should. I rely constantly on Facebooks Christian links and I realise that is not what I should be doing. I am sure God is not happy with me. But I do pray….

  4. I do not read my bible as often as I should. I have so much to learn and often feel a little overwelmed by it all. But, I am enjoying my journey with God, I just need to work on understanding him more now. 😉

    You do a wonderful job too Berni. I love listening to you on my local radio station, you always say the perfect thing at just the right time too. Mmmm, maybe God is nudging me. 😉

    God Bless you.

  5. Virtually every day, my wife and I read and pray together in the mornings and most afternoons I spend time reading a NT book and an OT book then pray for missionaries and persecuted believers.

  6. I read my Bible at 3 times a day. In my own Quiet time and with my husband in the morning and evening.
    Marilyn Potter.

  7. Of course there are people who read their Scriptures every day, If Berni Dymet wants to ask “Can anyone say they have read their Bible every day since becoming a Christian, then ask that. By “reading” he should perhaps distinguish between using a reading plan and using a devotional systeme which may pick out a verse or two and on itsw own hardly constitutes “reading.”

  8. I personally find it very hard to read the Bible…. love reading Psalms, Phillipians, Corinthians and a few other books but find other books of bible quite hard to understand – even after having been to bible classes within our Church…

    I tend to find a lot of comfort from singular words in Bible that are meaningfull to me like “refuge” etc, guess that’s where I am with things at the moment and my reading of the Bible and understanding will progress over time!! (I am fairly new to Christianity).

    Love your work Berni… x

  9. You know the days I miss my time with the Lord just don’t go well. Time well spent, but I am human & err often, but thankfully the Lord is patient & loving. Still can’t get it to stick though (the verses that is my mind is like a seve) try as I might.

  10. Each day I find my time I set aside I do differently.
    For a while I would read the Bible from a planned reading; then I would read an article from a christian magazine or news letter; our church prompted us to all read Proverbs one month. Other times I might spend all the time praying about things and meditating. I’m happy that way as long as the “fellowship’ is with God and based on His word.

  11. It’s an interesting question isn’t it. I guess there’s ‘reading’ and there’s ‘study’ and maybe a bit in-between, I find that I read it every day to ensure I can keep the broad story in my mind; I prayerfully read smaller sections for edification, and then I study it as part of a formal course.

    • i have hit a bad patch and i have stopped reading the bible.iam kind of in astill position besause of my present situation

  12. I did Bible Study for seven years before I became a Christian. The funny thing is, people say you get hungry for the Word after you meet Jesus, I did not. It just got more alive to me.

  13. the results do not look coherent to what we hear about it (people not reading their Bible) with almost 70% of people that receive Berni’s emails reading it often.
    Maybe the sample is not representative …

  14. the question does not say “since you become a C’.
    just How Many times, assuming present time.
    There might be some of us that read it everyday!

  15. This sounds like an interesting exercise Berni. Keep me posted.

    God bless


  16. hey bernie there wasnt a box for “daily: in the survey id mark that one

    • That’s right Neil. I am presuming that amongst those who’ve been walking with the Lord for a while, there’s no one who’s read their Bible every single day since they became a Christian. None of us are perfect.

      Almost every day is the more accurate description.




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