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Quick Poll: Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church

Quick Poll: Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church

There has been much press of late about the allegations surrounding child sexual abuse in the Australian Catholic Church with some now calling for a Royal Commission.

So – I wanted to ask you what you think.  That’s what this quick poll is all about.  Just select one of the options, and you’ll be able to see which way the polling is headed.

And please – promote this poll on your Facebook page and through Twitter. We’d love to get as much input as possible.  

I’ll be writing a post on it in the next few days. 


  1. Judicial inquiry and Royal commissions are NEEDED NOW in Government and private organisations.

  2. A royal and God commission is on its way to all who delight in the misery of the innocents! Watch out EVIL it’s TIME to give an account!!!

  3. Yeah!

  4. If it’s God will for the investigation it will happen.

  5. Predators are not confined to any church or organization. Sin is all around us in many shapes and forms.
    If there is to be a Royal Commision it needs to be wide ranging, not just confined to the Catholic Church.
    Whether or not the perpetrators of abuse on innocent people are “found out” by such an investigation, they will have to give account of their actions and behaviour to God Himself….our sovereign God ….. who will not be mocked.
    It may be difficult for those who have been abused to feel that there is justice in this process….. understandably – we all want to see justice in action, but it does not always happen.
    I need to live with accountability to God for all I do -whether it is seen by others or not. This is a great responsibility… for everyone!

  6. Why does your quick poll title only mention the Catholic Church? Isn’t the Royal Commission investigating all institutions secular and religious?

  7. I
    think the catholic religion should allow the catholic preists to marry as i believe that it would, if not stop, maybe possibly lessen the number of child abuse cases that occur, wwjd mmm 🙂

  8. You bet, there should be an independent inquiry, especially as the Catholic Church has denied and hidden the problem. Out of the darkness and into the light, it is time for the truth to be revealed. Let’s support those affected by this abuse, both inside and outside religious organisations. I will be praying for a thorough investigation if that is what is decided is the way forward. I feel for those who are affected, who may have to recount this time in their lives for any investigation to proceed. Please consider praying for those who this issue is not just a public issue, but a personal one.

  9. JOHN LU – how Christian are you? I was born agian in a pente church and and chose to go to the Catholic church and become Catholic because of there quiet reverent worship of our LORD JESUS. And as in any church there are poeple playing lip service but I know for a fact there are Catholic people who love the Lord and dont judge others!
    My goodness where is your Christian behaviour, judging others. you claim to know the heart of every Catholic hmmmmm (I will pray for you John Lu)

    Well that being said as I feel I must defend my faith in Jesus <3

    And to the question at hand

    YES I do believe there should be and independent "Royal Commission. If it is going on then of course, but let me say as others have said ITS is not just the Catholic church

    there are evil people and good people where ever there are people and I say stamp this evil out of any organization that deals with Children. so YES

    • BETTY – Bless you Betty, I couldn’t have said it any better.

  10. Many facets to this situation. The community expects or should be able to expect church leaders, priests to be trustworthy. If that trust is so sorely abused AND the church fails to effectively deal with it, the state has no option, it must intervene to protect its citizens.
    (About that trust where does it come from? Jesus is trustworthy, Ordained leaders of a Christian church are disciples of Jesus so they should be trustworthy, shouldn’t they?)
    When we elect unbelievers to lead us and have so many that influence society who have no faith, we should also expect less regard for the faithful (and their organisations).
    What will happen in a royal commission where the law will directly deal with a faith based institution, and the workings of, and thinking of the people involved is laid bare? I suspect there will be many ripples that will affect all denominations and possibly other faiths as well. It may tend to polarize people’s opinions surrounding religion as I think this issue already has – hardening .the views of agnostics and athiests.
    What does God think?

  11. I did vote yes, but would also like to say that I think many child sex offenders hid themselves in other institutions or occupations where children lived, trained in sports, attended school or went on school camps or excursions. I would like details of any of these offenders who were charged and found guilty to be available to the public in some way (I am not sure how) to avoid them ever having the opportunity of reoffending at any time.

  12. I feel strongly that a Royal Commission is needed to finally open up all the issues surrounding these dark acts perpetrated on innocent children, hidden by the Catholic Church for too long, for light to shine down on these evil deeds committed on the innocence of little ones, I’m sure this is an issue that breaks the heart of all parents, christian or not, so heinous it is beyond comprehension for these acts to have been committed within the ‘sanctity’ of the catholic church, causing such suffering to the victims and their families, furthermore their cover up and protection due mainly to the wealth and power of the Catholic Church, this is long time overdue.
    Lets pray that it brings peace and final closure to the victims and their families.

  13. I was raised a Catholic and because of the abuse of children within my own parish I chose another way. Fortunately for my sister and I, I didn’t feel comfortable with this particular priest and never left my sister alone with him. I am now a Pentecostal Christian and I thank God for the people that God put into my life that showed me the truth.

  14. Why is a royal commission needed?
    Does a child molester or sexual abuser have a specific faith, race, age or gender?
    Why are we treating these people differently?

    Everything falls under God’s law, and then the laws that govern our society.
    as long as they don’t conflict each other.

    And one more thing…Catholics are NOT Christians, the world includes them as part of the Christian branch, but to Christians they are not.
    Everyone in the world can say “I believe in Christ and God”, and call themselves Christians…, but let me me share something with you…

    The Devil or Satan also believes in God too…, does that make HIM a Christian too?

    If there is 1 God, there is only 1 word of GOD, which is the bible.

    And if there is 1 word, then why there are so denominations of so called Christians?

  15. A royal commission? well then, lets have one for all the agencies, of private and government sectors! Oh yea…let’s also have a personal royal commission into our own lives as well, we might be able to enter again into the dark ages! The sexual abuse problem of anyone is not an organisational issue, but a human issue of the heart of a person. I personal believe that new global infrastructures of an auditing system should be implemented to keep all people accountable for their actions.

    It’s not that I disagree with a royal commission, but it will not solve the issue. What will solve the issue is: better education, tougher penalties, and the auditing of all people so that we can give an account for our actions into the present and the future. Chasing demons from the past is understandable, but I rather learn from the past and implement new strategies that deter these pedophiles from hurting the most vulnerable people in society.

    Our children, need to be protected NOW, immediately…because as sure as Hell…whilst any investigation is going on about the past crimes…millions of children are being affected by numerous people and organisations, both private and governmental, these crimes are numerous, such as, child prostitution, trafficking of children, kidnapping, drug cultivation, which are destroying our society globally, and much more.

    So let’s concentrate on building systems take catch these evil perpetrators, mainly the ACT of a person’s dark heart, whoever they maybe, because there is good and bad everywhere we go. So let’s not use religion as an excuse to blame humanities lack of responsibility to deal with the immediate problem, that is AGAIN ‘humanities dark secrets. The ability to catch these criminals by USING our RESOURCES on securing and protecting our most prized possession,….the children of tomorrow; MUST BE OUR GLOBAL EFFORT AND GOAL!

  16. its about time

  17. yes. Get on with it. the Catholic church have been able to sweep far too much under the carpet for far too long – I’m talking centuries .

  18. I agree there must be a Royal Commission, not only concerning “child sexual abuse in the Australian Catholic Church” …but also concerning the Australian Anglican Church and it’s involvement with Anglicare, a cult-like, so-called Christian Organisation responsible for the abuse/torture and murder of elderly and disabled residents in Australian nursing homes.

    For the Common Good of all we must NOT condone any cover-up, but as Christians we must do all that is in our power to expose questionable religious institutions.

  19. Unfortunatley the church has been infiltrated by satan and his demons. One only has to look at St Peters square to see the demonic influence in the design of it.The church has to be exposed for what it really is.

  20. It’s a fair ask, but I don’t think the investigation should stop purely with the Catholic Church, and I also think it is highly unlikely that we will ever know all the details. The enquiry really should of happened in the 90’s, because now the majority of the clergy involved are either quite elderly or have passed away.

    Definitely more changes need to be made within the church to prevent any future incidents, along with further changes in the law to appropriately deal with the offenders. In the Eastern Catholic Church there clergy members are allowed to marry prior to becoming priests and what scandals have they had in the last 50 years?

  21. Unless there is a royal commission this issue will not go away. It needs to be addressed

  22. Bernie, there should be a wide ranging inquiry over all religeous and secular organisations e.g. schools, preschools, government departments and prison systems to this cancer on society and family.

  23. As Christians, we are required to live within the law of the land so the Catholic Church should not be removed from the law. Children should not be abused by anyone and to be abused by people who have been put into a trusted and respected position is even worse. To be a clergy person is not to be above the law.

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