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From Boring to Brilliant

From Boring to Brilliant

As a communicator, I’m constantly on the lookout for really, really bad forms of communication. It’s kind of a hobby for me – sick I know! And sadly, the church seems to be the source of many of the items in my collection (I’ll share some of those with you another time).

Anyhow, the other day I was completely blown away by a piece of communication that had the potential to be ultra-boring: the details for the latest update to the Weather App on my iPhone.

Seriously, can you imagine anything more boring than that? Usually they say things like:

Fixed problem with national weather radar.
Other minor bug fixes.
Certified for iOS 5.0.


But this time, some developer decided to have some fun and inject a bit of their personality into the communication piece. And they absolutely made my day … in fact it still brings a smile to my face every time I think about it.

Turns out that nothing – nothing – needs to be boring. Just a bit of our personality mixed in with a sense of story (fact or fiction, it really doesn’t matter) and shazam … look at what happens. The whole thing comes to life and touches someone in the most surprising way! Enjoy:



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