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Honest Answers Quick Poll – Attachment to Money

Honest Answers Quick Poll – Attachment to Money

Okay – here’s the thing. I need your input for my next blog post. It’s all about how attached we really are to our money and wealth.

To help me prepare, I’m putting this “Honest Answers Quick Poll” in the field and I would like you to respond. It will only take you half a minute. 

And the way my polling software works, I have absolutely no way of finding out who responded and how. So it’s totally confidential.  



Thanks for responding – please pass this around to your friends through social media and email.  I’m trying to get as many responses as possible.


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  1. Hi Berni,

    I only had one reason to not choose the first answer and that is – I would want to pray about it to really make sure I had heard God’s voice!
    I have only had the honour of knowing The Lord for 13 years. He came to me when I was having treatment for cancer I now realise that He had always been with me and as His timing is always right He was teaching me that I could have Him right beside me through what was still to occur in my life.
    I have actually lost all of my assets – but not through God telling me to sell them!!! I am 59 and I lost my husband to motor neurone disease just over four years ago. I have MS and can’t work a full-time job so with all that had taken place we lost our home and our car (we were paying the car off).

    I am SO glad the Lord ‘tapped’ me on the shoulder, so to speak, as I know I would not have been able to endure all that has happened on my own! I could not have managed to get through without the hope and strength that HE has given me – thank you Lord. I continue to try and pass on to others that my circumstances were not caused by God – but that He will use all of our traumas to grow us and hopefully teach others.

    I hope I haven’t gone on too much, but I guess it was your question about what we own and what we would do if God asked us to go without – I am living proof that we can lose all of those ‘things’ but still be happy.

    Thanks Berni for your inspiring posts,
    God;s Blessings,

    • Elizabeth

      Thank you so much for sharing – we serve a mighty God, eh?!

  2. I agree with the above. I would want to confirm it really was God speaking! I would pray about it and get it confirmed, if confirmed then I would trust God to keep us safe. With 4 children, 3 chickens and 2 dogs I wouldnt want to be rash hee hee. End of day, if God provides for a simple sparrow and I am His daughter, then I really have no need to fear!! He is always in control and knows the big plan! 😉

    • Love your comment Amanda 🙂

  3. I couldn’t answer that because I have never heard God speak directly like that (apart from maybe once). If I was positive I heard God and my husband would also have had to hear the same thing then we would have no choice but to obey. There are some things commanded in Scripture that we have no option but to obey but this is different. It is easy to make mistakes in hearing God’s voice and many people have made rash decisions saying God them to do such and such and then found out it was their own flesh or the enemy telling them.

  4. I would love to say that I would do it in a flash if I thought the Lord was talking to me, but my immediate reaction is fear, the fear of being torn between my husband’s will, who is not yet a believer, and God’s will!!

  5. Berni,
    If I heard God’s voice, of course I’d do whatever He wanted. I would of course have to have ‘no doubt’ that it was His voice. How realistic is that?
    In the real world, I would probably see medical attention if I ‘heard God’s voice’. I don’t have any experience there. Sorry, but your question is not simply about what you value more, God or money. Fun question though. Perhaps your question will pinch the too much money folks out there.
    I’m all for that. 🙂

  6. Always encouraged challenged convicted or just plain old loved ! Thanks for bringing a voice to Gods Word ! Kerry


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