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Why I Like My Dentist

Why I Like My Dentist

My memories of going to the dentist as a child are horrific – fillings put in without anaesthetic! Agony and torture. Remember, these were the days before fluoride in our water supply – which means we’re talking lots of fillings. So for me to turn around today and say that I like my dentist … either I’m smoking something I shouldn’t be, or things have changed.

Well, much of the pain has gone out of the equation, that’s for sure. But that’s not the only thing.

So, here’s why I like my dentist …

  1. He  Knows My Name: He always addresses me by name when I walk into the surgery – Hi Berni, how are you? He’s welcoming, he’s professional and he’s deliberate about making me feel at ease – and believe you me, that’s important given the deep mental scarring from my childhood!
  2. He Remembers My History: Every time I’ve been to see him, he makes sure he’s right across my history. He obviously reads my card before my appointment – so he “remembers” that two years ago I had a bit of sensitivity in my upper, left molars. How’s that going? And by the way, how did that replacement filling work out from last year. He’s right on the ball (unlike my doctor, who never remembers anything – I have to fill him in each time). That sort of deliberate, consistent professionalism shows me that he cares, and it gives me a sense that I’m in safe hands.
  3. He Asks Me Why I’m There: Before I even sit down in the chair, he asks me “So … why are you here?” Is it just a check up, or is something wrong? Where does it hurt? Is it a constant pain, or only when you eat something hot or cold? He wants to understand my need, so he can figure out how to help.
  4. He’s Good at Fixing It: He’s deliberate in his diagnosis, and he applies his skills to fixing my problem. And he’s diligent, he follows up, he makes sure that it’s done. Pain gone. Problem dealt with. That is, after all, what he’s there for, right?
  5. He Manages My Pain:  Whenever he has to hack away on the inside to fix something, it’s going to hurt. Jim always gives me something for the pain first. So unlike the horrific torture I experienced as a young lad in the dentist’s chair, I feel something more akin to mild discomfort. That I can live with.

So here’s my question:

When someone with a need walks into your church this coming Sunday (be they a newbie or an old-timer) what will they experience? Will they be prepared to go home afterwards and write a post on their blog called “Why I Like My Church”?

Comments? …


  1. Hi Berni and Everyone reading this. May God richly bless you.

    After becoming a Christian when I needed dental treatment I would pray first. I remember a particular time when I had to receive treatment, while in the chair I felt such a peace and joy. the last treatment I had, again I prayed first I felt like laughing while all the equipment was in my mouth! I have to go again next week for a filling and I know God will help me than.
    In regards to how we respond to people who are stereotyped in society we much allways remember from where we too have fallen. That God loves everyone.


  2. Why I like my childhood church?
    1. I feel like I’m coming home when I visit. Although I left the church in my late teens, I do occasionally visited some 15 years later as some of my family still attend regularly.
    2. The senior pastor remembers me and my character after 15+ years in his job/calling. I can call him up and arrange to meet when I have a need. I have done several times after ceasing to attend regularly. Now that’s Christ’s love and devotion to the Church.
    3. This same pastor/leader will always have a brief chat if I see him at the shops when he is not working. He has a heart for people and God.
    4. One Easter I went to a service there, I don’t recall which day and I was very upset and cried a lot during the service. A woman in her late 20s or early 30s came up to me after the service and introduced herself to me. God had bought me to her attention during that Easter service and she went over to see if I was alright and to introduce me to Jesus if I didn’t know him. Little did she know, I already knew Jesus. But I needed the touch of God/Jesus that day as I was crying about my life and in deep pain. That was the start of a new friendship and new hope for me that God notices my pain and responds.
    5. I once dropped off some items to this church. The receptionist asks if I need anything, I said no. I went to my car and thought I would love some prayer. I changed my mind and re-entered the office. I asked for prayer and we sat, chatted and then prayed. I went to meet a need and in return God meet my need. He is my rock and fortress..

    • I love your story Talia, it is telling me that Jesus has never left you even when you run your own life.
      He is always there for you obviously guiding you into His love and tenderness, He will never leave you, you can always call on Him for answers.

      • Thanks Anne, I am glad my story touched you. Yes you are right, Jesus has never left me. I still attend church, but at times I have made my own choices rather than follow God’s ways and wisdom. However, I have seen in my own life that God’s ways are far better than my own. I more willing surrender my will these days, knowing he knows best and he has my back. May God richly bless you.

  3. Anne, to follow on with Berni I wonder what would happen if those 4 or 5 young people walked into my church or any church; would they be welcomed? Would they be greeted warmly, or just politely greeted? I wonder if we could look past it? First impressions shouldn’t matter but I know they do. I visit one church where some girls are in shorts or mini skirts etc but I know deep in my heart that my church would frown (if they didn’t faint first) on it. It goes both ways, if people are rejected by the congregation they take it as a sign that God is rejecting them as well. We have to shine the light for Jesus and welcome all in the manner that He would have welcomed them.

    • Thank you Fay, You are so right. I am always reminded of a scene I had in another shopping centre in Brisbane, roughly 10 years ago, but it does pop into my head on many occasions like the one above, and reminds me not to judge by appearance.
      “A little old lady came up to me and asked if I knew where the chemist was that sold diabetic sweets,she was very grubby, food stains on her clothes, hair looked like needed washing, old slippers on her feet etc etc,
      I directed her to the chemist but my thoughts were very critical, I was watching her walk away thinking the worst of her and her appearance. When she suddenly turned around came back to me and handed me a tract with a scripture verse” (which I cant remember now) but was to do with the love of God. That particular experience has stayed with me ever since, especially, when my thoughts go into judgemental mode.
      I honestly felt it was from God! “letting me know not to judge people by their appearance, that He judges us by our hearts” It was such a profound feeling!
      I felt was definitly a message from Him, so loud and clear that I felt compound to repent of my thoughts concerning her. I also felt He was telling me that she was His child, and I am not to judge her by appearacne.

      • Faye @ Anne

        thank you so much for sharing those things. The Lord speaks to us so powerfully through others when we’re open to receive!


        I love this ugly duckling vide0 can’t ever watch it without getting a tear in my eye.


      • I forgot to mention; they all would be very welcome in our church,and I mean very!
        Calvery Christian Church Buderim, (it used to be called “Kings” couple years ago)Wonderful people (all age’s) wonderful Pastor,great messages, full of lovely young people, wonderful Youth group. I can’t say enough about there open acceptence and care to anyone and everyone.


  4. I really don’t like dentists, I need to go get a broken tooth fixed very shortly, mine doesn’t remember me, as i am hardly ever there anyway.
    I am sure they just pretend because, they read your chart and know your history before you sit in thier chair. its their way of making you feel comfortable, although! they are always considerate. bit like the Dr’s of today you are lucky if you get the same one twice in a row, i always remember the local family Dr, who knew your whole family without a doubt.
    would like to mention this while in here. I felt joy in my heart to see it.
    Yesterday leaving large shopping centre Maroochydore, I saw a late model black Mazda people mover combi in the car park, with 4 or 5 young people standing beside it, doors open, all smoking a cigarette, perhaps???
    My attention was taken with their appearance, all dressed in black, dyed jet black hair with bright red peices in front, think they call them yuppies? or something? everything is black and white even black lipstick etc. the other thing that really took my eye also, was on the large back window was written in a half circle, “Jesus loves us unconditionaly” I felt like cheering! Halleluljah!

  5. Hi Faye,

    That’s a gorgeous testimony.

    All the best.


  6. mmm.. maybe I didn’t answer the question! Sometimes church people who have never lived a dysfunctional life have a hard time understanding (not all but some) I go to a small church as well as one of the bigger ACC for a friendship group and they make you feel wonderful. I guess some churches have a bit of work to do as they get bogged down in what music is being played and how one is dressed or acts instead of looking deeper. Thank God for astute Pastors. When I went to my little church (200ish ) I was made welcome but it was the Pastors who saw past the outer me to my deep need for solace. I don’t know if I would of gone back again except for the young Pastor and the senior Pastor who had me riveted with God’s word and the songs said what I couldn’t express and a dear elderly lady who has now passed. As long as each church has some of these elements most people will go, if only they new what pain relief it offers for free!

    • Faye – I agree with Tracey. WHat an awesome testimony. You are truly blessed!

  7. Yes Berni, I remember the pain so well I now have dentures! The pain of my past was worse and when I went back to a church after 40+ years I felt the wonder of a child with welcoming family wanting to say hello! The Pastors were my lifeline and finally I apologised to Jesus Christ and accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour. Yes I feel discomfort at times and feel like I have to do something (like going to the Dentist or Doctor) but over a period of 21 months God has transformed my life and my new spiritual family, especially the older members were gentle, kind and loving showing an Adult Child what a loving family could be like, I dared take a chance because I couldn’t stand the pain any longer, now I feel discomfort at times but knowing I am loved by God has changed my life and I hope I have the courage to keep pushing through to find the peace I crave.

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