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A Video Message from Auschwitz

Posted by in Featured, Suffering | 0 comments

The Holocaust was one of the most brutal and cruel events in history – resulting in the deaths of over 6 million Jews and other minorities.

I recently visited the German concentration camps at Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland. Here is a short message that I recorded for you while I was there.

A Revelation … on the Brink of Suicide

Posted by in Berni's Life, Controversies, Featured, Forgiveness, Grace, Jesus | 7 comments


I had an interesting discussion with a man at my local cafe the other day about what it means to be a Christian. And listening to his “Christian” perspective made me realise how much, en masse, people are missing out on, when it comes to Jesus and all that He came to bring us.

So I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you, that had their genesis in me, on the brink of suicide.

3 Leadership Lessons from the “Failed” Australian Census

Posted by in Community, Controversies, Featured, Forgiveness, Grace, Leadership, Relationships, Social Media, Suffering, Victory | 19 comments


The evening of Tuesday, the 9th of August 2016 was Australian Census night. For the first time, we took the census online and, as things turned out, it was an unmitigated disaster (if you believe the press, the politicians and social media).

So, what lessons are there in that for you and me, about conspicuous failure?

The Importance of Setting Your Imagination Free

Posted by in Berni's Life, Blessing, Community, Creative Communication, Featured, Growing, Holy Spirit, Victory | 12 comments


Let’s face it. You live a hectic life. Work, family, emails, SMS’, social media, television, Netflix … there’s more than enough attention-grabbing stuff out there to fill your day 24/7 and then some.

So let me ask you – when do you dream dreams? When do you allow your imagination to roam free? When do you turn your heart and your mind to things that inspire you? When do you get the creative juices flowing?

Brexit – A Disaster or an Opportunity?

Posted by in Church, Community, Controversies, Featured, Leadership, Love, Power, Prayer, Relationships, Victory | 17 comments


With the unexpected outcome of the Brexit referendum fresh in people’s minds just now, uncertainty seems to be reigning supreme – across the United Kingdom, across Europe … indeed around the globe. And the truth is that most people simply don’t cope all that well with the fear of uncertainty. But therein lies an enormous opportunity. Here’s why: