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Miracle in Rwanda

Miracle in Rwanda

Rwanda is a country that as you know, has been through incredible pain … and the healing process is a long one. But God is right in the middle of that!

People’s Radio Rwanda (their national, publicly owned broadcaster) airs our Christianityworks radio program each Saturday night in prime time. (That’s a bit like getting a Bible teaching program airing nationally on the BBC in the UK or the ABC in Australia).  So just being on air is a miracle in itself!

That’s why what happened late last year is just so amazing!

The head of our Rwandan ministry – Bubahase Joseph (Buba to his mates) – was speaking with the station sharing how we may not be able to continue providing our programs due to the reality of funding constraints. Their response was quick and to the point:

You have to keep providing Christianityworks …
it’s drawing such a huge audience for us across the country!

Literally hundreds of thousands of people listen to Christianityworks each week. The program is hosted by Buba who gives a brief Kinyarwanda introduction, then plays the Australian-produced half hour teaching program from yours truly … and that’s followed up by one of 8 local pastors volunteering to answer listener questions through talkback radio. And the phones they tell me, run hot!

Producing the Christianityworks radio programs and keeping them on air across Rwanda has a very real cost week in, week out –  and yet countless lives are being changed. (I’m sure Itangayenda’s story below will touch you deeply).

So can I ask you to pray with me and if you feel led, to give a secure, online gift of support to Christianityworks to help keep the weekly programs on air across Rwanda (contributions for program production costs are fully tax deductible in Australia).

And as you read Itangayenda’s story, may you be blessed in knowing that your support will make such a huge difference in the lives of so many.


Email from Itangayenda Shyaka (Kigali, Rwanda)
The Miracle of a Life Transformed

I have been listening to your Christianityworks programs on Radio Rwanda and my life has touched in a way that I come to realise that the only way I have to regain true life is to turn to Jesus.

After the genocide of 1994 in which I lost seven members of my family, I lost hope in religions, in the end in God.

However, through these programs, it seemed to me that Christianity I have been taught since I was five years old (now I am 62) is totally different from the one you teach. Too much I can tell you about religious teachings I have experienced in my life, but to simply say to you and your team that what you are teachings has personal give to me what I have been searching for.

To know that all of us: black, white, Hutus, Tutsis, we are all sinners and that Christ has died for all of us to be reconciled to His Father, give me new life and new hope.

So my brothers and sisters of Christianityworks, thank you so much for your  work. It is a blessing to me to know that you work hard to turn my fellow countries men and women, young and old for better life in Christ.

I just to let you know that I have return to Church after 13 years. 


  1. In reply to Cathy, I have been listening to Berni for quite some time now and I was amazed and taken by his style of preaching. Gifted? Absolutely!!
    I doubt Berni realises the full impact of his messages, how God is enabled to work in us, through us, give us comfort and hope when things go awry etc. I believe Berni has a unique down to earth gifting style that reaches both saved and unsaved. I know of a few people who refused to listen to or believe or trust any teaching. However, when I give them a tape of Berni’s messages (recorded) people loved him. No condemnation and no compromising. He makes it so easy for people to understand. There is a gentle anointing that penetrates hardness of heart. But we must praise God for his gigting, and for his upbringing and experiences that have probably help shape him.
    May God blessing and anointing you Berni. May we give God all the praise, as you trust in him, may he bless your ministry with every financial need and above, in Jesus Name!!!

  2. Hi Berni, that’s so wonderful to hear! I was listening to your program me today here in NZ and was also truly blessed by what you had to say. I never tire of being reminded of the truth that comes from God’s Word. Thank you for all you do and keep on keeping on in the Lord.

  3. Stop Joseph
    Please help to stop child slavery …

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